The Sleek & Sassy Diamond Program is available ONLY to those who have completed Sassy Evolution Unleashed Program (or our now retired Sleek & Sleeved Program). You MUST be logged into the membership site in order to reach the registration page when you click the links below.
“I cannot say enough about how much I love the Diamond program!  In just one month I have gotten to test several things before they go live in the other groups!  The early access to the Exclusive content is awesome!  With my busy schedule I don't always get to check out the content on the first day or even week. Having that early access allows me to check it out when I can and not feel like I am behind on what everyone is discussing. Christina has done it again! She always seems to know what we need and finds a way to give it to us!”
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What will you get with your Diamond Membership Upgrade?
Sleek & Sassy Diamond includes enrollment in Sleek & Sassy Exclusive. In fact, one of the Diamond Member benefits is early access to Sleek & Sassy Exclusive each month.

Diamond Members also get:
Early Access to Exclusive
Why wait until the 1st when you can see the new content on the 25th?
The Inside Scoop
Diamonds get Dibs! Whenever we do something get to know about it and (sometimes) register first.
Special Extras at Events
Think "Diamond Dinner" on the first night of a retreat...
Free & Discounted Programs
Discounts on New Programs & Events...and Older Programs FREE for the Re-Taking!
Recipe & Program Testing
We give you the option to test upcoming recipes, program elements, and more.  
A Weekly Support Call
You get to join in on the Exclusive calls AND you get an extra one just for Diamonds.
Premium Presents!!!!
Sassy-versary gifts we know you'll love! 
Partner Program Profit
Our NEW partner program will ONLY be for Diamond Members AND will pay CASH!
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"Sleek & Sassy has been such a blessing in my Sleeved journey. Approximately 4 months ago I had Sleeve surgery and was struggling with next steps. I happened to come across Christina’s Sleek and Sassy group through Social Media. Sleek and Sassy not only provides nutritional support, it provides resources, tools, tutorials, and guest speakers to address every step of the way to better health. The best part is the information is always available 24/7 on the website. The support, the ideas, the wisdom, the tools are by far the best that I have seen! I am now almost 4 months out and have had a steady weight loss each week.  I attribute my success to this group; the content is priceless, yet so affordable.  
 You are never alone in this group. The SS staff is amazing, everyday there is something new and exciting happening. Sleek and Sassy feels like a family rather than just a support group. I would encourage anyone who is struggling to get to a healthier lifestyle, to join this group. You will NOT be disappointed!"