Sassy Evolution: Exclusive Monthly Membership
A Complete Bariatric Wellness Program with Monthly Variety
Healthy living doesn't have to be boring, flavorless, or repetitive!

Each and every month our Exclusive Members get FOUR new workouts along with access to our multiple exercise libraries so they can modify and customize their workouts as needed.


FOUR bariatric meal guides with accompanying recipe books! We do 2 guides with Balanced Macros, 1 meal guide based on the Paleo Lifestyle and 1 meal guide based on the Ketogenic Lifestyle.

Below are SAMPLES of each of those plans WITH recipe books!
Balanced Meal Guide Sample
Balanced Recipe Book Sample
Keto Meal Guide Sample
Keto Recipe Book Sample
Paleo Meal Guide Sample
Keto Recipe Book Sample
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“Being in the Sassy Evolution programs has really prepared me to be successful in my sleeve journey. I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks that help me develop and implement a routine that works for me in this weight loss and health journey. The community support has been amazing. The program really works! I am so glad I joined!”
Success through Community Support
Have you heard the INCREDIBLE statistic that we are 43% more likely to succeed if we are part of a supportive community?

The Sassy Evolution Exclusive Membership was created in response to that statistic! It is a community for support, inspiration and education, led by TWO Health Coaches!
Christina Beckett, Founder and CEO of Sleek & Sassy Nutrition, is both a Health Coach AND Bariatric Patient. She has walked in your shoes and knows what it takes to WORK your TOOL to be a success story!

Lindsay Hack, Founder and CEO of Evolve4You Fitness & Wellness, has been a Health Coach and personal trainer for over 15 years. She specializes in combining the support and guidance of in-home personal training with the hilarious fun and variety of group fitness classes...ONLINE!
Expand your Support Community with Sassy Evolution Exclusive
“What an amazing concept to be able to workout wherever you happen to be in this world. It keeps me accountable every step of the way. Lindsay is so passionate about what she does you can feel it comes right from her soul!”
L.R. - Calgary, AB
What will you get as a member?
Each month has a different theme, but the same structure. There will be training, support and inspiration. Each month you receive:
4 NEW meal guides with supporting recipe books to show you what to eat and when
WEEKLY mini fitness and mindset fixes (e.g. quick workouts, modifications, instructions on proper form)
4 NEW pre-recorded video and pdf list style workouts to take with you anywhere and modify as needed.
Ongoing Access to an exercise video library with modification options as well as a workout library to supplement your fitness plan as needed.
WEEKLY calls with one of TWO certified Health Coaches
WEEKLY Meal Prep Workshop (view a sample HERE)
Additional support via the Sassy Evolution Exclusive Facebook Community
4 LIVE workshops on hot topics in the bariatric community (e.g. September 2018: how to refocus, readjust, and finally hit your goal; and functional fitness.)
One of our favorite recipes...try it!
Creamy Spaghetti Squash & Sausage Bake from the November 2017 Program
PLUS... New members receive a complete nutrition and fitness evaluation to help them get off to a great start.
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"Approximately 4 months ago I had Sleeve surgery and was struggling with next steps. I happened to come across Christina’s group through Social Media. Sassy Evolution not only provides nutritional support, it provides resources, tools, tutorials, and guest speakers to address every step of the way to better health. The best part is the information is always available 24/7 on the website. The support, the ideas, the wisdom, the tools are by far the best that I have seen! I am now almost 4 months out and have had a steady weight loss each week.  I attribute my success to this group; the content is priceless, yet so affordable.  
 You are never alone in this group. The Sassy Evolution staff is amazing, everyday there is something new and exciting happening. Sassy Evolution feels like a family rather than just a support group. I would encourage anyone who is struggling to get to a healthier lifestyle, to join this group. You will NOT be disappointed!"

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