Member Success Stories  &  Kind Words
"I love that this group is so helpful and non judgmental.  

The recipes and motivation are amazing.  Even when I forget or get too busy to get on the support calls I can get in the Facebook group at anytime and find some helpful words of wisdom from someone.  

You are truly inspirational Christina, so glad that I found this group when I did.  It has helped keep me on track."


"I didn’t find this group until after my sleeve surgery, when I was near my goal weight. Little did I know, this time in my journey is when I would need it the most. 

Once the honeymoon phase was over and the maintenance stage kicks in we need the support and guidance to have long term success. Maintenance is when I have felt the most lost in this journey. After all, bariatric surgery doesn’t fix our brains. 
The information we receive monthly and how Christina goes above and beyond are more than we could ever ask for. It’s invaluable and I feel so blessed to have found such a supportive network."
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"A few months out from my RNY surgery I felt lost. What should I eat? How would I ensure that I would have long term success with my weight loss? Meal prepping was a foreign concept to me at the time.

I found Christina Beckett and this program. All of my questions were answered. I learned how to follow a balanced macros plan. Received more recipes than I could have dreamt about. I learned how to efficiently and effectively meal prep.

I also received much needed support and finally felt I knew the path I needed to follow. This group has kept me on track and has been so valuable to my success."